Before products are produced and launched, they undergo final testing. rosa+wesley evaluates products performance to ensure it meet all requirements and fulfills the project objectives. The key is asking the right questions: Does the product/solution work in a way that is sensible, cost effective and time efficient? Does it connect cognitively and emotionally to the end-user? Is it priced appropriately? Is it memorable? Does it have the “cool” factor that ignites interest, curiosity and engagement? Is it trend-conscious in a way that givesit the potential to attract strong advocates in the industry and among users and to become viral at a grassroots level and in the social media?

During this stage any technical issues are resolved. Once the product is perfected, we deliver to you a Specification Guide and Visualization Guide. These guides provide you with all of the information and data needed for implementation.

Post launch, rosa+wesley monitors the product in real-world use, gathering data and client and end-user feedback. This input is used to inform the design of future products.